Enda Brogan
Managing Director

The former television, print and radio journalist speaks five languages and has worked in seven countries, including the US and China. He was the first non-Chinese national to direct a show for China’s CCTV-5 channel. He’s also worked for Sony as a chief editor, mentoring a team of 20 writers.

On the side, he’s stood in for Toby Jones in The Painted Veil and played in the first foreign amateur football team to visit North Korea. Enda graduated with a degree in International Marketing and Languages from Dublin City University in 1993 and completed an MA degree in journalism 8 years later.

However, his first love has always been the silver screen. He wrote his first theater piece when he was 15 and won a national drama award a year later. After 20 years of writing everything from press releases to radio documentaries, Enda is now focused on making films that channel his creativity and tap into all those years of meeting colorful characters in far off places.

Lauren Pray

Creative Consulant

Lauren was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. She wasn’t long out of diapers when she started re-arranging and editing home videos. So her decision  to study film making after high school was a foregone conclusion. 

In 2010 Lauren graduated from The Art Institute of Seattle with an associate degree in Video Production. For the next few years, Lauren focused primarily on making documentaries, promo videos and short films. 

In 2015 Lauren moved to Europe “by accident”, spending time between Barcelona, Paris and Berlin, where she studied Web Series Production at the Met Film School. Lauren now lives in Ottsjö, Sweden with the love of her life. Together, they care of a pack of rabid sled dogs and are developing  a travel  adventure show. When the dogs are asleep, Lauren helps us with her creative insights and digital editing mastery.


Raymond Brogan
Creative Consulant

Raymond J. Brogan has worked as a writer and script editor for over ten years. He has a B.A. in English and Politics from the University of Cork and an M.A. in Screenwriting from The Huston School Of Film and Digital media at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

Raymond’s in-depth understanding and deep knowledge of all types of cinema, along with his creative flexibility and ability to integrate collaboratively generated ideas, gives his material a distinctive edge. His latest screenplay, Hard Knocks, is a gritty thriller about a troubled boxer from the Irish travelling community struggling to eke out a better life.  

Steven Miller
Steven Miller

Creative Consulant

Steven has managed projects for big global organizations, including Sony and Flextronics and boasts an arsenal of  certifications that read like lines of computer code: PRINCE2, PRINCE2-AGILE; ITIL: SD, ST, SO and CSI; and M_O_R: Management of Risk. 

Steven is also a web designer and is key in keeping our websites user friendly and up to date.  Steven also rolls out our marketing and digital campaigns. He not only brings vast experience but also dynamic leadership skills and drive.

Steve is constantly tracking what we do and monitoring how we need to adjust our tactics to get the best result. And he’s Scottish, so he’s never afraid to tell us what he thinks!