Huge box office potential

If we can match our highly original script with the necessary financial backing, we have an international comedy and box office hit waiting to happen!  

A breath of fresh air

20 percent of major box office hits are low brow comedies that reach all kinds of audiences. Here we have a life-affirming, zany, feel-good story that brings hope and lifts people out of their everyday lives. We all want to be entertained and inspired, don’t we? 

Universal appeal

We’ve already touched on how original our story is, not to mention a soundtrack with five original songs. But we think it’s also got a universality about it which appeals to audiences both young and old. Major themes of the film include inclusivity for all, respect for the elderly, friendship, love,  and the ability to reinvent ourselves. 

Proven formula

Elvis Presley remains a hugely popular figure and film subject. Many financially successful films have featured an Elvis theme, for example, True RomanceElvis & NixonBubba Ho-Tep, and The Last Elvis, to name a few.  

Low budget: high yield

We can make the film with a minimum budget of 3 million US Dollars. Our ideal aim is for 5 million. With an investment in this range, we can make a top quality film for theatrical release. Examples of recent Oscar winning films with similar or smaller budgets are Moonlight and Manchester by the Sea

Power of the grey dollar

The King of New Mexico features several actors in their 70’s and 80’s. Also, remember that Elvis Presley would be 84 if he were still alive, so millions of Elvis fans out there are in this age group. This is also an age group that still goes to the cinemas when an appealing film comes along, for example, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which was a big global box office success. 

To sum up, the films’s wide appeal translates into huge commercial potential not just with “grey dollar” audiences but anybody who likes a good comedy, Elvis, rock n’ roll, Mexican cartel intrigue, or any story about an underdog fighting his way back to glory.